For more than 80 years, RELLUMIX has specialized in development, high-tech research and is well known in the industry for its excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

To maintain the highest level of performance, our engineers are equipped with computer-aided design tools, like Autocad and Inventor.



Quality management is a major element in the design and manufacturing process. RELLUMIX aims to provide products and quality services that meet its customers' expectations.

Strict inspections are carried out at each process level to prevent any defect or variation that may occur during manufacturing.



Years of experience and a highly qualified staff allow complete manufacturing control and a high level of service. Due to its knowledge and experience, RELLUMIX has maintained a strong presence among its customers by offering up-to-date equipment.



Many self-cleaning filters may require some overhaul after more than 10 years. RELLUMIX offers its skills and technical expertise to restore these mechanisms at best cost.